One Year Ago Today…

One Year Ago Today…

…he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Today I am dedicating a post to Joseph, “Jae”, as he likes to be called, not only because we have hit a milestone, but because it’s time to share pictures!


There has been some debate (okay, well more than some) as to what day marks an anniversary.

Meeting? First Date? Becoming Official?

I have since forgiven him for picking a cliche time to ask me to be his girlfriend but because it fits us perfectly, I’ve let it go.

Flashback to our first date:

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Words Can Hurt and Words Can Heal

Words Can Hurt and Words Can Heal

If you are acting according to His Will and someone still thinks you less than, inadequate, undeserving, or selfish—take a deep breath and say a prayer for them. Be the bigger, the better, the more forgiving. And when you think you’ve run out of being the bigger or the better or the more forgiving, remember “I can do all things through Him who gives me strength”

I bet sometime in your life you’ll hear the phrase “That wasn’t my intention”, if you haven’t heard  it already.

It is a common misconception that we are only responsible for how we intend our words to sound, and not how they are received. I completely and utterly disagree.

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Authors are Children and Words are Bubbles

Authors are Children and Words are Bubbles

Some of the dearest, most personal thoughts are ones you never intended on sharing. When you realize those thoughts could offer the world something that only you could offer, as unique as you are, these thoughts become the world’s thoughts. “Our words, actions, thoughts and convictions will leave an imprint on this world and stay here long after we are gone. It’s up to us to decide whether that impact be positive or negative.” 

Sleepless night or not, I’m always thinking. I write stories in my head and recite memorized literature as if there is a song stuck in my head.

I have years of unfinished fiction on my flash drive, quotes I’ve found important clipped on Facebook, pictures and original sayings posted to Instagram. I have words sketched on post notes I’ve found years later. I save cards I receive on special occasions;  magazine clippings are glued in my scrap journal.

I’ve colored, etched; typed more letters than I can count, more words than I know, more sentences than I can imagine, more paragraphs I can keep track of. And it’s always been for me.

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When Katharyn Can’t Sleep…

When Katharyn Can’t Sleep…

She rambles for 39 minutes trying to rest her mind, and then with more sleeplessness to spare, realizes that 7 minutes of the video is worth sharing. 

I tend to speak to my computer’s Photo Booth app when I can’t sleep. I have dozens and dozens of videos of 2am ramblings that are usually nonsense, never with the intent to share.

However, I realized that I haven’t blogged in months; typing was a “no no” due to the joint pain I was experiencing so sharing some of my thoughts wouldn’t be complete nonsense and a waste of your time.


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When Words Don’t Flow

When Words Don’t Flow

We leave an imprint wherever we go. It’s up to us to decide whether it be positive or negative. And when words don’t flow, let your suitcases speak for you. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes me, well, me. Is it the numerous health struggles I’ve had?  My gender? My faith? Maybe my family? My profession? Maybe my identity is wrapped up in the Overseas label. Possibly my age?

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The Moon Watches Over Me

The Moon Watches Over Me

I see the same moon wherever I am in the world.  It’s a small reminder that I can make a home of wherever I am. 

Music plays a very big role in my life.

It wakes me up in the morning and puts  me to bed at night. It compliments any emotion I experience and putting a song on can get me in the right mindset or out of a funk.

I would call Phil Collins’ song, On My Way, “Katharyn’s Adventure Anthem”. It’s  about a man who steps into a new stage of life while saying “goodbye” to some and saying “hello” to others. He’s announcing to the world that he’s on his way.

Sound familiar?

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