She rambles for 39 minutes trying to rest her mind, and then with more sleeplessness to spare, realizes that 7 minutes of the video is worth sharing. 

I tend to speak to my computer’s Photo Booth app when I can’t sleep. I have dozens and dozens of videos of 2am ramblings that are usually nonsense, never with the intent to share.

However, I realized that I haven’t blogged in months; typing was a “no no” due to the joint pain I was experiencing so sharing some of my thoughts wouldn’t be complete nonsense and a waste of your time.


So here, dear friends, is the “When Katharyn Can’t Sleep…” Show. It’s quite choppy due to the intense editing I did, so beware.

When Katharyn Can’t Sleep…

She ponders on her life

Feel free to watch and enjoy. I’ll leave the subject matter a mystery to tempt you. Either click on the link above or at the bottom of the post if the in-site video isn’t working.


Here is the Youtube link: When Katharyn Can’t Sleep

When Katharyn Can’t Sleep youtube link



2 thoughts on “When Katharyn Can’t Sleep…

  1. Just returned from my kids in Santa Rosa and watched your video. I trust that you know yourself better than anyone…except Jesus maybe…but make choices and decisions that impact lots of people. Yet YOU are the one that must decide who you want to be now….with pain and loneliness and depression and anxiety….a tough plateful to be sure, but I see that you know you are the only one that can make choices for yourself, with the counsel God has given you. I’m inspired by your commitment to your faith and beliefs in the midst of pain and fear. I will pray that you will receive the promises that God gives us in very practical and meaningful ways. Sending a hug. xo


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