I see the same moon wherever I am in the world.  It’s a small reminder that I can make a home of wherever I am. 

Music plays a very big role in my life.

It wakes me up in the morning and puts  me to bed at night. It compliments any emotion I experience and putting a song on can get me in the right mindset or out of a funk.

I would call Phil Collins’ song, On My Way, “Katharyn’s Adventure Anthem”. It’s  about a man who steps into a new stage of life while saying “goodbye” to some and saying “hello” to others. He’s announcing to the world that he’s on his way.

Sound familiar?

On My Way has been the “Most Played” for a while now. It can get lonely here, especially when I think about all my kiddos in CA who are growing up, my friends who are entering into new stages and my brother and future sister-in-law who are planning a wedding. I’ve essentially left a world that has still continued on without me and I’m missing out on a lot by being here. Listening to the same music has brought me comfort on those days that don’t go as planned. There is something about playing the same song over and over–and over again that comforts me.

This last month has been a whirlwind.

OKAY. Get your engines running! Here is a sped up version of what happened.

International Fair

Each grade cooked food and managed games relating to their designated country. We had this big carnival on campus and it was a blast!

Mom and Dad Visited

Yes, you got that right, Robyn and Steve Stong were on my side of the world, and boy, was it good to see them. They were very much like celebrities. The students loved them, the parents loved them, the teachers loved them. However, if you know them that doesn’t surprise you, does it? It was a very special time for them to see where I live, see me teach, and–bring us Sees chocolate.

Book Week

Each year, Bethel celebrates books with DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) times each day, an opening ceremony, and student work displays in the hallways. This year the 11th graders planned the opening ceremony. For my Oral Communication class, they wrote their own poems, songs and speeches and performed them in front of the whole school.

Quarter Assessments

The students have one more day of Quarter Assessments. Overall my students did pretty well, and I’m very proud of them for what they have accomplished. Of course, there is always more learning to do and some things to improve on, but all in all, great job guys.

Hong Kong

That’s right, folks. Twelve teachers and I are headed to HK for the ACSI Conference. I’m planning on seeing Jeff and Gretchen Ryan and Rick Baker while I’m there. I’ll say “hi” for you. I’m sure it will be a great time full of bonding, learning and growth.

Looking Into The Future

I leave for HK on Monday and return nine days later. We then have the first two weeks of our new semester. I then fly to California for the holidays and the wedding. I will say right now: “I hope I can see as many of you as I can in the time I’m in CA (3 weeks). Please know that you will be on my ‘Must See First’ list when I return in May if it doesn’t happen.”

I see the same moon wherever I am in the world.  It’s a small reminder that I can make a home of wherever I am. 

Here is Phil Collins performing On My Way if you are interested in what I’ve been talking about this whole time.



4 thoughts on “The Moon Watches Over Me

  1. Our trip was as much anticipated by us as by Katharyn.
    Very quickly I felt not just welcomed for a visit but then the desire to stay longer, and most certainly to return. Ms Isobal, her principal and friend and Pastor Paul and Margie Varberg have the gift of hospitality not just to the visiting parents but we were welcomed into the ministry of service in love and practicality for the community. From driving to lending the car, visiting hospitals, their church, sharing meals and having a massage, each experience did show us the blessings of where Katharyn is living, giving, loving and teaching. What a blessing she is receivinbg from her students and new friends and what a blessing she is to them- and indeed to us as well !
    Bendecidos para Bendecir – blessed to be a blessing-
    Gen 12:2
    Our trip rounded out our trips to be with our children who divided the globe into three -we are blessed to be with each of them in their world- Thank you- each of you-


  2. Hi Katharyn,
    I enjoyed your post, the pictures, and Phil Collins’ song! He’s definitely a favorite of mine too. (I kept thinking the guy behind him looked like Gandalf … the whole band was actually pretty cool.)
    We can’t wait to see more pictures and hear more stories. Hope we can connect for Christmas, but know you will be busy, busy.
    It’s so neat that your folks could come to the Philippines. I’m looking forward to hearing more about that visit to the caves.
    We love you and pray for you.
    Aunt Sue


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