Where I Have Traveled


I grew up traveling.

It’s a part of my family’s culture.

I wouldn’t be the same without it.

Mission trips to South America and Africa with World Vision, to Mongolia with ECC in Hong Kong, and to Belize with Path Light.

Business trips with Dad to Singapore and Malaysia.

Studying abroad with BIOLA University (where I transferred from) and Westmont College to Europe.

Vacationing during the summers to all over.

traveling has always been a part of my life.

It’s a blessing.

It’s always challenging.

And a very important part: it’s very fun.

I realize not everyone has the opportunity to travel as we have and I realize I may not always have the opportunity in the future.

But for now, I am embracing my traveling shoes and making the most of this incredible blessing. And off to the Philippines I go!

I plan on writing blog posts that incorporate my previous travels to my move to Tacloban.

Stay tuned!