Hi friends!

First: go check out my updated sidebars in the Menu in the right corner! (About MeWhere I Have Traveled and Bethel International School)

Second: I officially have my Westmont College Diploma! Woo! It’s been 6 years in the making and I am so excited to finally be to this point.

Third: I leave in 6 days guys! Ohh my goodness, I am so ready!

Fourth: Here are some prayer requests!

  1. Pray that my goodbyes are fruitful and cathartic.

  2. Pray that the packing process is as stress free as it can be.

  3. Pray that I don’t forget anything important.

  4. Pray for travel mercies.

  5. Pray for my health. We don’t need any flair ups!

  6. Pray for the students, teachers and locals I am about to encounter.

  7. Pray that the teaching instruction week that starts on June 27 allows the staff at Bethel to prepare our hearts, minds and classrooms for the upcoming year.

  8. Pray for the students! They are in their last two weeks of summer. Pray that it is a relaxing, fun and fruitful time with their families.

  9. Pray for those who don’t know Jesus!

  10. Pray for my faith and walk with the Lord.


6 more days!!!!




One thought on “many exciting updates!

  1. Way to go Katharyn! How do you spell college degree? FINISHED! So sorry we will not be in town this weekend for the Bon Voyage Party – maybe I can come up Monday before you leave. Take care! Blessings! Always praying for you!


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