When Words Don’t Flow

When Words Don’t Flow

We leave an imprint wherever we go. It’s up to us to decide whether it be positive or negative. And when words don’t flow, let your suitcases speak for you. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes me, well, me. Is it the numerous health struggles I’ve had?  My gender? My faith? Maybe my family? My profession? Maybe my identity is wrapped up in the Overseas label. Possibly my age?

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A New Birth Year Day 1: Say “Hello” to 24.

A New Birth Year Day 1: Say “Hello” to 24.

Yes, it’s official. As of 10:21pm on October 12, I am now 24. Yes, it hasn’t happened in California yet. Am I still considered 24? 

Wow, 24. Think about that.

In these years, I’ve had 18 years of education, I’ve flown, sailed, walked, and road-tripped around the world. I’ve lived in three countries including 3 Californian cities. I’ve played, acted, laughed, loved, cried, sang, been depressed, had anxiety and danced every year. I’ve made friends, lost some, grown in faith and had “dry-spells”. I’ve sinned, repented, grown as a human and flourished as a young woman.

And all through these stages, I’ve had a family who has supported me, friends who have walked with me, teachers who were patient with me, doctors who have cared for me, a God who has loved me and an independence that has served me well.

So, thank you.

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Sunsets and Side Streets

Sunsets and Side Streets

Those contemplative moments are gifts from the Lord above, not because they are rare, but because they are numerous. We simply have to be quiet and still enough to recognize them. 

Since I’ve been here, I’ve done a lot of teaching. A lot of reading.  Planning. A lot of walking. Running. Sitting. Listening.

There are also things I haven’t done.

It’s interesting.

As I see my students’ creativity growing, I see my own creative outlets being put on the back burner. I’m not certain as to why this happens.

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Health is a blessing but illness is not a curse

Health is a blessing but illness is not a curse

Illness helps you appreciate those around you. It reminds you to rely on God for strength. And it warns you when your bag is too heavy.  

My health has been a quirky character in the soap opera that is my life.

He is the emotional best friend who fights with me as soon as I make a decision that he deems silly.

What decision did he deem silly this time?  Let me tell you. 

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many exciting updates!

many exciting updates!

Hi friends!

First: go check out my updated sidebars in the Menu in the right corner! (About MeWhere I Have Traveled and Bethel International School)

Second: I officially have my Westmont College Diploma! Woo! It’s been 6 years in the making and I am so excited to finally be to this point.

Third: I leave in 6 days guys! Ohh my goodness, I am so ready!

Fourth: Here are some prayer requests!

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