my last night in california

my last night in california

I’m sitting here in bed, all packed, goodbyes said, animals kissed goodnight and my clothes laid out for tomorrow.

My mind, and more importantly, my heart, has prepared for this day for a year, knowing all I needed to go was a college degree. That chapter is now completed and I enter into a new life tomorrow.

The only thing keeping me from gritting my teeth in a “I’m not ready yet!” mentality is that my goodbyes were so cathartic. I got the chance to hug, receive words of wisdom, share meals and take walks with people I love.

I got the chance to put my heart in the frame of “This isn’t a forever goodbye.” As cheesy as it sounds, the phrase “I’ll see you later” offered comfort in very emotional moments.

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many exciting updates!

many exciting updates!

Hi friends!

First: go check out my updated sidebars in the Menu in the right corner! (About MeWhere I Have Traveled and Bethel International School)

Second: I officially have my Westmont College Diploma! Woo! It’s been 6 years in the making and I am so excited to finally be to this point.

Third: I leave in 6 days guys! Ohh my goodness, I am so ready!

Fourth: Here are some prayer requests!

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