in the midst of grief, we must grieve.

in the midst of grief, we must grieve.

I am sad. Hearing about the pain that goes on in the world, experiencing difficult emotions and having to explain it to my students on Monday makes me sad. They deserve to know how to process grief in a Jesus-honoring way, but it pains me that they have already experienced grief to such a high degree. Also keep in mind that these young adults were barely teenagers when Typhoon Yolanda hit and some lost everything. Think about that…losing every earthly possession you have and still surviving.¬†Although it has been 3 years (2013) since the ¬†storm and I am seeing their process years after, it still affects everyone who was here. I am honored that they allow me to experience those experiences with them.

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When I leave my Saturday and you start yours…

When I leave my Saturday and you start yours…

…Blessings to you!

Things are going really well. Not only am I flu free but my lesson planning is almost complete.

Parent Meeting On Monday

This is when we will introduce ourselves to our homeroom students’ parents and go over school policy with them.

Classes Start Wednesday

Yay school! It’s such a surreal experience planning for an experience like this for a year, arriving two weeks ago and  having my own classroom for the first time. It was a far off plan for so long it’s arrival creates an indescribable feeling. I was walking through the mall in town yesterday, which is our main air conditioned hang-out spot. I thought: “I can’t believe I live here. How blessed am I?!? 

Our 11th Grade Homeroom Is Ready And Our Theme is Coffee Shop

I didn’t make this
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first week down and I’m going strong (sort of)

first week down and I’m going strong (sort of)

I’ve been in Tacloban for 7 days!

Teacher Instruction: Week 1

I shared my lesson plans with our principal who loved them so much so she had me share them with the rest of the faculty during Teacher Instruction.

I wasn’t sure if I was imposing my culture on to Bethel, especially after our principal “Luchie” called my plans “very American.” But she assured me it was a good thing and that the rest of our teachers could learn something from the preparation I did.

everyone has a nickname and mine is “Kath.”

Over the years, “Katharyn” has been shortened in a variety of ways, so I wasn’t surprised that “Kath” emerged on it’s own even in the short time of being here. As Margie put it: “the extra ‘a’ throws me off.”

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got here safely

I’m here in Tacloban! (Pronounced tac-LO-ban.) 

Happy, safe and excited. 

We start teacher instruction Monday morning (in a couple hours- I’m 15 hours ahead.) 

I’ve adjusted well to the timezone; sleeping on the plane and my layover in Hong Kong helped. 

Weather is relatively cool. Margie joked yesterday that I brought the cool weather with me. (Look up who she is here under “Who We Are”.) 

I’ll write again at the end of the week. 

I’m planning on writing every week for the first month and then bi-weekly. 

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!  

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