I’ve been in Tacloban for 7 days!

Teacher Instruction: Week 1

I shared my lesson plans with our principal who loved them so much so she had me share them with the rest of the faculty during Teacher Instruction.

I wasn’t sure if I was imposing my culture on to Bethel, especially after our principal “Luchie” called my plans “very American.” But she assured me it was a good thing and that the rest of our teachers could learn something from the preparation I did.

everyone has a nickname and mine is “Kath.”

Over the years, “Katharyn” has been shortened in a variety of ways, so I wasn’t surprised that “Kath” emerged on it’s own even in the short time of being here. As Margie put it: “the extra ‘a’ throws me off.”

Depending on how long you have known me and where you know me from, my name takes varies forms. The only request is that my family/friends who’ve know me from birth still call me Katharyn. There is something special about my parents using the name they gave me. (And Mom’s request is that no one calls me “Kathy.” I had a mean preschool teacher named Kathy, so that’s not a thing; ever.)

so things were going really well and then I got the flu.

I won’t bore you with the unflattering symptoms I experienced but it was pretty bad. However, because my doctor of a mother packed me with an extensive pharmacy and because of the Varberg’s kindness, things are looking up. I was discouraged because the transition was going well.  The flu was kind of like a “haha, just kidding” moment. I’ve has many of these health moments; I was bummed that it had happened so soon.

but the bright side: it happened before school started.

I still have lots of planning to do for English 11 and Reading 5, but school starts on July 13, so I have some time. Not loads, but some. This is the first in three days I’ve been out and about, which is a really great thing. I’m just waiting for rain to pass before we run errands.

the classes I’m teaching

Homeroom 11 (Co-taught with a senior teacher “Wang”)

English 5 (both Reading and Language)

English 10

Oral Communication 11

The community has welcomed me with open arms, which has blessed and encouraged me more than I can describe. There are cultural differences, of course, and more bonding to do, but despite recovering from the flu, I am very happy, and things are going well. 

…and this is Ninja, Paul and Margie‘s dog. After leaving eight animals in CA and needing animal contact for my own sanity, having Ninja around has been a nice treat.

And the fact that her name is Ninja is awesome.


5 thoughts on “first week down and I’m going strong (sort of)

  1. So…actually, you could be calledl “Ninja” as well….a person who excels in a particular skill or activity,….despite all kinds of challenges,YOU are there serving the God you love so much. I consider you in that category girl. So glad to hear from you and promise to pray!


  2. Kath (!), I love this! So thankful you are feeling better and that you have a cute pup to keep you company! I love reading your blogs and praying for you too! Know you have a cheering section from afar!


  3. So blessed to read about your first week –especially that your lesson plans were received well. So glad to hear you are happy😊


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