I am sad. Hearing about the pain that goes on in the world, experiencing difficult emotions and having to explain it to my students on Monday makes me sad. They deserve to know how to process grief in a Jesus-honoring way, but it pains me that they have already experienced grief to such a high degree. Also keep in mind that these young adults were barely teenagers when Typhoon Yolanda hit and some lost everything. Think about that…losing every earthly possession you have and still surviving. Although it has been 3 years (2013) since the  storm and I am seeing their process years after, it still affects everyone who was here. I am honored that they allow me to experience those experiences with them.

Those who suffer will also come out on the other end.

Another note: we don’t use the phrase, “I am a Christian” here, it means something different to other faiths and we don’t want to exclude those following other religions from understanding Jesus just because they don’t relate to the word “Christian”–We are “Jesus followers”.) 

I digress.

So I recorded my thoughts and am allowing you to listen to them. Go to the end of this post and you will see an audio file. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

I also say: “…like every shooting does, and we don’t even hear about all of them” I was referring to the police’s involvement today. The man killed innocent people with a truck. I know this.

I explain my motivation for recording my thoughts in the first couple of minutes, I ask for respect about my opinions and explain why I am not talking about the specifics of the day’s tragic events. (It can be triggering and I also believe my purest opinions should be reserved for my closest friends and family members and to be discussed in person.)

I also sing a song “I Must Tell Jesus” that my music teacher, Miss Arlene Thompson taught me in 4th grade.

I also sing a “doxology of sorts” called “Welcome Holy Spirit”. It can also be referred to as a Call to Worship. 

This is an audio file because it uploaded to the internet faster

Easter Egg:  11th grade: You do not need to share the EC info with your classmates. Don’t lie to them, but let them find it on their own. The first 5 students to send this assignment to me will receive the Extra Credit. There is no time limit. I will not mention it in class except that I want you to look at this blog. Look somewhere in this blog for what I am talking about. Not on this page.
California: want to do this also? I’ll give you a figurative gold star. After all, we learn something new every day.  

This file is twelve minutes long. It will make more sense if you listen to it in its entirety.

Click here for my Youtube video of this audio

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