Only for kindergartners? I think not.

It’s time to share some pictures and sound bites!


All from the iPhone 5. 

Let’s face it: I don’t have LTE here but it’s been a blessing in disguise. Here is why: I am not using my phone as an excuse when I don’t have anything in my hands, when I want to avoid a social situation or am bored. I find myself relying on my phone less and less. But when I do take my phone out to capture a moment with my camera, I always capture something special.

These four pictures were taken a couple of Saturdays back.

Grace, age seven, hangs out on property while her mom works at our apartment and dad works at the school. We went fishing at the Bethel pond that particular day. We also put flowers in our hair, played cards and colored.

These next pictures were taken for my Instagram, let’s be honest.

This particular plant has been slowly growing out of the concrete since my arrival. And now it’s huge!!! After I got down on the ground to take a picture, an ant was on a leaf. I thought “Well, as long as I’m down here…”

Take note that it starting raining two seconds after I took the first picture. (Just so you can see how drastic the weather can get here)

I had a friend over for breakfast.

This breakfast was Plan B because my eggs spoiled. It’s not that impressive, especially since most Filipinos don’t eat cold cereal. Ohh well, next time.

Our boys play soccer against other schools almost every Saturday.

On this game day, our students showed up but our opponents did not. Another school showed up, but their opponents didn’t. In a series of “making lemonade out of a lemon” moments, the Bethel Eagles initiated a pick up match with the other team! I’m glad they did. Soccer makes them happy.

I let Grace have my camera on this particular day…

5th grade

Ms. Chris Camarro (Language 5) and me (Reading 5) are co-teaching 5th Grade Language Arts. We both have critters from home who bring us hope, joy, and peace. We brought them to class on the day we had our students write letters to America. Here is Andrea with Rainbow Joy, Chris’ companion.


Student Council Speeches

The Upper school recently had it’s student body election. The internet only allowed me to upload these few (why only three, I don’t know), but I wanted to share them with you! They all did such a great job.

Lance and Kennard (Grade 11) enjoying the Student Council Open Forum


Here are the sound bites of three students, Cidney, Shawn and Kyla! Woo!

Cidney, Grade 11

Shawn, Grade 11

Kyla, Grade 10

Prayer Requests

  1. My anxiety has been particularly bad the last few days
  2. My phone was stolen out of my bag while I was at the mall on Wednesday (I am absolutely, 100% fine) and it’s always a juggle practically when you need to replace something like that. Please pray for those who stole it. May their hearts be changed.
    1. As you can see, my pictures had already been put on my laptop. Praise. The. Lord.
  3. My parents are in Sweden with Spencer!
  4. We have a lot of events that happened last week and are happening in the next few weeks. Please bless our faculty, staff and students as our routine changes slightly.
  5. Quarter Assessments are coming up! Put September 12, 13, 14 on your calendar. The school year is divided into quarters. The students have four sets of finals each year.
  6. Monday is National Heroes Day! This holiday is similar to Memorial Day. We do get the day off. May it be a restful time for students, parents, staff, and faculty.

One More Note

In general, I will not post any pictures of students and minors’ faces. If you have a strong desire to see their smiling and beautiful faces, I would be happy to send some to you via email! 

Instagram: @_katharyn.

Today was the beginning of my 10th week here.

so. cool.


8 thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. Awesome Katharyn. Your blog is a a great window into your world there. Many many people appreciate being able to walk along side you this way. Including me. So proud of you!



  2. Katharyn- you have a gift of sharing from your heart, and description that beings the stories home to mine. Hugs and hugs, Mom



    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Katharyn,

    Your posts are fun to read … and a great way for us to see what life is like at your school. I’m so impressed with Cidney, Shawn, and Kyla’s speeches! They are obviously learning great leadership skills! Keep it up!

    Aunt Sue

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You are very brave. I see you are in a safe place …too bad about your loss of phone.This is the first time I’ve tried logging on. Thank you for putting the address on my computer. Grandma HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON THIS DAY AND HAPPINESS FOR THE REST OF YOUR DAYS.
    Grandma Ann


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