“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes, courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says, ‘I’ll try again tomorrow’.”

That’s the theme of the week. 

I have noticed that my anxiety can rise and fall very quickly. I’ve noticed that one second I’ll be very confident in my abilities to teach, live alone and/or take care of myself and the next second, I’m an electric ball of anxiety who is only being held together by my skin. The only thing that is getting me through the anxiety attacks is the knowledge that “anxiety is not forever.” Regardless if it feels like it will last forever (which is what makes an anxiety attack so excruciating), in reality…as quickly as it came, it will leave. So may the Lord keep that in my head this week!

And another theme: 

As a wise Emma Meinke once said: “Confidence is not a feeling, it is a decision.” (And I’ve learned that you can insert “love” into that phrase, also.) In other words, to be confident is a conscious decision we must make to reach the “feeling confident” ideal. If we wait to feel confident, we won’t ever become confident. It’s like waiting for the Confident Train at the wrong tracks. It won’t ever come until you decide to go look at your clock, map, and assignment board before you can figure out where you are supposed to be. And if the train has passed (aka: the feeling)? You can get on the next scheduled Confident Train. But, at least you’ve made the decision to stand by the right tracks.

We must decide to live life with zest, smiles, a God-fearing attitude, flexibility, joy, generosity and love. As we live our lives with these attitudes, confidence will naturally grow. But to get frustrated when confidence isn’t there? That causes more anxiety. No one needs that. 

So in summary: let the anxiety be gone!

A Summary of the Last Few Days

  • Chris Camarro, our other American teacher, who is from Connecticut, arrived Thursday. Follow her journey here.

  • My 10th and 11th graders’ first unit ended. 10th grade is heading into an Indian Literature unit and 11th grade is starting their “How to Effectively Communicate With Children” unit. Grade 11 will plan a chapel for lower and upper school for their final project.

    • If you have any words of wisdom on this subject for my 11th graders (or on Indian Literature for my 10th) feel free to message me and I will share it with them. Although I have loads of experience working with children of all ages, I am not a parent. So, you parents out there! Share your wisdom!
  • I’ve learned that mascara (that isn’t waterproof) melts off your face. Within an hour, it looks like I’ve been crying. I’ve nixed that part of my routine.

  • August is “Buwan ng Wika” which is the Philippines’ National Language Month. Starting tomorrow, we will all wear traditional Philippine costume for the rest of August. Pictures to come.

  • I’ve found a life group that meets at church on Sundays. My friend, Patricia, aka, Pat Pat, leads it. We are all single women who are young professionals. I’m leading next week’s discussion on Jonah.

  • I’ve learned that it’s considered good luck to have a black ant crawl on you.

  • Margie traveled to Manila this morning to help a fellow American missionary care for her newborn baby

Prayer Requests

  • I’ve been getting sick left and right. This week’s episode on “Katharyn’s Illness Saga” is “She Lost Her Voice: and sounds like a squeaky mouse when she laughs”

  •  Please pray that I have energy to stay on top of things, keep up with my students, and teach lessons.

  • Please pray for Chris as she adjusts to Bethel and Tacloban.

  • Pray for our students. Life can have ups and downs, even for children. Pray that our students who are struggling right now can lean on Jesus, aren’t afraid to ask for help, are confident in their own abilities, and can view Bethel as a safe and caring environment.

Sunday’s light rain


#TBT to my first week of teacher’s instruction.


I’m also showing this video to my 11th graders tomorrow. Want to have a laugh? Go ahead and click. (Thanks Rhett and Link).

IMG_0337 (1)

4 thoughts on “Courage Doesn’t Always Roar

  1. As a former sufferer myself, I came to realize that anxiety attacks generally last no longer than 30 minutes and there are medications that help a lot. I finally got on Lexapro (now Escitalopram) 10 years ago and have had no attacks since.


  2. Praying for you and as always, proud of your perseverance and how you lean on God! Keep going! You can do this!


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